Monday, April 27, 2009

Peter W., Peter A & Leif - Fort Sheridan, Illinois - July 1988

We must have over 2000 photos of Leif, maybe 3000, though some of them are "repeats," part of a series taken at the same time. Yet with all these photos, I still don't have some of the ones I want, and in looking for them, i'm running across photos I didn't know I had, like this one.

This must have been the only point in their lives when the three of them were the same size, all the same height. What's amusing is that they all have the same stance and posture, too. That wasn't intentional or posed. That's just the way the three of them each chose to stand. I never thought of that as a genetic predisposition before, but they are so alike here.

Peter W., in his army uniform, was 45 years old. Peter Anthony, in his Air Force Academy uniform, was 19 years old. Leif, in his black suit, was only 13. By the next year, Peter A. would be taller than his dad and Leif would tower over both of them.

Peter A. would be starting his second year at USAFA a month after this was taken, and Leif would start eighth grade.

My three guys, how I loved them! How I love the still.


This photo was taken in July 1988 in front of our townhouse quarters on Nicholson Road at Fort Sheridan, Illinois.

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