Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Leif Climbing - Stuttgart - March 1978 - Age 3

I wonder how many things Leif climbed in his childhood; trees, fences, logs, playground equipment, hills, fountains, rocks, and so much more. If it could be climbed, he'd climb it, and seemingly knew no fear of falling. He took a lot of joy in physical activities and challenges as a child, which must have made it all the harder for him to accept the limitations his asthma put on him as an adult.

This photo was taken in March 1978 whe he was three years old. We went to visit our friends the Streckers in Stuttgart, and they had put this climbing apparatus into their daughter's bedroom. Leif was captivated. He's all the way at the top with his head against the ceiling. This was another photo which was badly damaged by improper processing and had yellow streaks through it. I'm glad I could restore it somewhat.

That was the same trip when Peter Anthony broke a finger playing with an exercise wheel they had. He was in a lot of pain until he got it braced.

It was a good weekend with our friends, a German family Peter became acquainted with through trial work. Our children were relatively the same ages. Another thing we did that weekend was going to see the darling baby tigers at the Stuttgart zoo.

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