Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ten Thousand Visits

The second anniversary of Leif's death will be on April 9th. I began the blog the day we found his body, April 10, 2008, but I didn't start keeping statistics until May 15th. If I had, there might already be 10,000 visits, but as of today, there were just over 9,500 counted visits. I'm hoping to reach 10,000 by April 9th, so if you are a reader, please come back daily and help. Believe it or not, it only takes an average of 13 visits a day to reach 5,000 in a year, but the way the counters work, they only count you once a day on each computer.

I think Leif would be amazed that this blog has had so many visitors. If only he had realized when he was alive how people cared about him.

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