Friday, April 8, 2011

Visiting the Dali Museum

Yesterday evening we spent at the new Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. The new building is impressive and Leif would have loved it, as well as Dali's art. The first time we went to the Dali Museum, it was the old museum, on one of our trips to Florida before we moved here. Leif was with us, and he was fascinated and impressed. He had an appreciative eye for art but particularly liked art that was surreal or fantastic (in the sense of fantasy). He also liked Dali because of his interesting eccentricity, a quality Leif always liked in people. I remember how much he enjoyed that visit, and I always wanted to take him back again.

This new museum has the added attraction of unusual and beautiful architecture. That was something else Leif liked a great deal. Buildings with style attracted him and they were one of his favorite photographic subjects, along with sports cars and cats. He would have loved this new building and its setting right by the bay.

We were not allowed to take photos of any of the art in the galleries, only of the building itself and the gift shop, so I'm posting a photo of the side of the museum that faces the bay.

I did my best to doubly enjoy the museum, for me, and for Leif.

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