Friday, September 5, 2014

Leif in Quebec City, Canada in August 1989

 For so long, I thought I'd never see any "new" photos of Leif. Now I am blessed with many of them! In scanning the slides we took back when taking colored slides was a popular means of photography, we've discovered many photos of Leif we didn't remember and hadn't seen since they were taken and developed. We only printed a few when we took them, so this is like finding a treasure.

These photos were taken in Quebec City, and Leif was, as he often did, acting silly. He found a way to wrap his feet around the railing on the stone wall and look as though he were falling off without actually doing it.

We had a great trip through eastern Canada with Leif, and he enjoyed seeing the cities and experiencing French Canada. He was 14 years old, but already over 6'1" tall. You can see he liked to dress well, with his nice slacks, dress shirt, purple tie and Members Only jacket. Those were his choices, not forced on him by his parents. And of course, snazzy sunglasses.

I'm so glad we got to take him on that trip. I wish Peter A. could have been with us, but he was already away from home at the Air Force Academy.

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