Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Finding Baby Leif in a 1976 Super 8 Movie

Hiding within old super 8 silent movies and old videos from the 1980s and 1990s are probably dozens if not hundreds of images of Leif and the rest of us. Seldom seen, as we don't project them and haven't digitized them, they are an almost unknown mine of treasure.

I recently purchased an old movie projector to be sure I can project, and hopefully someday digitize, those old movies, though heaven knows when that will happen. Since the thrift shop where I purchased the projector didn't know for sure how well it worked since they didn't have any film to project, I had to at least try it out.

The film I pulled out was from the spring of 1976. Leif was just a year old. As I projected it on a wall, I snapped this photo with my digital camera. It's hard to imagine just how little real information is in a still as small as 8 mm, and how grainy it is when blown up, but you can still see what a beautiful baby he was.

I think this was probably Easter dinner, and both boys were in it, Peter very animated, Leif rather bewildered and sweet. How I wish those old films had the sound to go with them so we could have heard the action, too.

I hope that in the new year I'll have a chance to look at the old films and find more "photos" of my family.

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