Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Curious Brothers - Leif & Peter Anthony - May 1982

I was blessed with two bright and curious sons. They not only always asked "why?" but they loved to explore and experiment. The loved to discuss everything. They were fascinated with the world.

This photo was taken in Kyoto, Japan in May 1982. Peter Anthony was 13 and Leif was 7 years old. We were in a beautiful garden there, and they became engrossed in what was in this small stream. Most kinds would have been content to just look from a standing or maybe kneeling position, but both my boys just had to get as close as possible. I couldn't help laughing, and caught them on film. It was one of so many priceless moments.

They remained curious and questing throughout their childhoods and into adulthood. Being around them was and is always an interesting intellectual challenge.

I can just "hear" some of you asking, "But didn't they get dirty?" Probably. Of course. But they got to see what they were after.

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