Monday, September 15, 2008

Leif - September 1976, 20 months old - Charlottesville, Virginia

We moved from Manhattan, Kansas to Charlottesville, Virginia in the summer of 1976. Peter W. attended the Judge Advocate General's School Advanced Course for army lawyers there at the University of Virginia, and we lived in a townhouse development on Woodlake Drive.

Leif was creative and fond of finding interesting things to do. With both my boys, I found it valuable to keep my camera ready and handy, because there was so much to photograph. They were always doing something and I loved to catch them in the act.

On this day in September 1976, when Leif was 20 months old, he was roaming around the house in diapers and found Peter Anthony's "Sherlock Holmes" hat and put it on. It just looked too cute to miss.

The hat actually matched a houndstooth checked light coat that Peter Anthony had, and we called them his Sherlock Holmes hat and coat because they reminded us of something the great fictional detective wore in the movies or a story.

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