Thursday, June 21, 2012

Memories in Nurnberg

Visiting Nurnberg, Germany, where we moved when Leif was two brought a flood of memories. From the moment we stepped out of the Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) and looked across the street to the building with the sign "Bavarian American Hotel," where we stayed for a month until we got quarters there were memories. Of walking through the old city each day with my boys while Peter was at work, to the Kellar where we all had dinner and Leif literally took a bite out of the glass, from the Nurnberger Bratwurstl to the good luck ring on the Schoener Brunnen. And then, back in our hotel room, Peter turned in the television and the very first show of the X Files was on.

I remembered how much Leif liked that show and how attracted he was to Scully, a redhead, of course. I was struck by how much his great love, J., looked like Scully (Gillian Anderson). He didn't see that show until many years later in Kansas and here I was seeing it in Nurnberg and remembering.

So much here would interest him. I wish he were here to share it. One of them was the exhibit of medieval armor and weaponry at the castle.

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