Monday, April 21, 2008

Greased Lightning - Sung by Leif Garretson 1992

When Leif was a junior at Antilles High School at Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico, he won the role of Kenicke and had all the girls screaming when he sang "Greased Lightining."

The cast of the musical was really good, but they had no real budget for props and scenery, so the "greased lightning" car was just a plywood flat on wheels. At one point, it even fell over, but the guys covered and played it well.

We hadn't known Leif could sing until we saw him on stage. His friends hadn't known, either. He was great! Like a rock star.

Unfortunately, this video was taken with an analog VHS camera in 1992, from the back of a high school auditorium, so the video quality is poor and the sound is even worse.

However, it is the only video we have of our son on stage and we treasure it. We hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Wow...What a blast from the past! I remember going to the play, seeing Alex come out on stage behind that cardboard car and thinking that this was a disaster waiting to happen... As usual Alex proved me wrong. He was fearless. :)

    Thanks for posting Jerri.