Saturday, April 12, 2008

Moderated Comments

Family and Friends, and others Leif knew that we didnt, please note that because this is a public blog and anyone can comment, I have arranged it so that I see the comments first and I have to approve them before they appear on the blog. This is what Blogger advises to help keep people who want to post inappropriate things on the blog out. I've had the experience on another blog, where someone "advertised" inappropriate things or placed links to sites having nothing to do with the blog, so I didn't want this to happen on the Remembering Leif blog.

Here's what happens. When you write a comment, Blogger emails it to me with a link to approve or disapprove it. As soon as I approve it, it will appear. If you are waiting to see that, you'd have to update the page, but it's practically instantaneous.

Thank you for your understanding! Don't worry, I'm not "censoring" any of your comments, just trying to keep the strangers out.


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  1. I did not know Leif for very long, actually I met him for the first time in June of last year and we instantly connected. We could talk on the phone or IM for hours, mainly about politics, stem cell research, or life in general. I was fascinated by him and we fueled each other's thoughts. I'm not sure if you all know his personality type, but he was an am I....and less than 3% of the world population. He loved fast cars and motorcycles,as do I. He was the first to introduce me to Buffalo Wild wings, inflame my mouth with an inferno-chicken (straight from a molten lava pit), chase it with a beer, and he would never break a sweat as I sat there with tears running down my eyes, breathing through my nose, and wondering if the pain would ever go away! He would laugh and call me a wuss which would only make me eat another one to prove that I was not. We spent hours, multiple times, in a box at the arcade, dueling one another with vitural cars and laughing......

    Good Bye my in peace my fellow INTJ....ride free will be miss greatly...but you will live on in our hearts and our minds eternally.

    I will miss you.............

    Love, Debi