Friday, April 11, 2008

The Man Loved Cars!

Leif loved cars. Driving was a passion for him, and he drove like he was in the Grand Prix, in places he certainly shouldn't have, but he was an excellent driver who loved the acceleration and G-forces.

When he was younger, he had a used Mazda RX-7 which he loved. He eventually sold it, but said someday he would get an RX-8. When he wrecked the black Dodge Stratus we loaned him the money for after he graduated from college, he went shopping, initially thinking he'd get a sensible Honda, but there this silver RX-8 was, shining on the lot, calling to him. It's a beautiful car he enjoyed driving.


  1. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to see Alex/Leif in a long time. I believe the last time I saw him was at a reunion many years ago, shortly after I joined the Navy.

    I definitely remember that RX-7. I went for a ride with Alex up on those curvy roads on the other side of tuttle creek dam. The ones with no guard rails. He whipped through those like it was a straightaway and I thought we would surely crash. He certainly did love to drive.

    My last "conversations" with him were a few emails here or there where I joked about his being assimilated into the apple-hood and some politics. I looked forward to seeing him again since I am closer now and could possibly make a trip to Florida some day. It seemed we had a lot of similar opinions and it would have been fun to chat.

    I am sorry I didn't chat with him more but it always seems like there is going to be more time. Life gets in the way.

    I am truly very sorry that he is gone and I will miss the emails and conversations we may have had.


  2. My name is Dori, I met Leif only a short time ago. In the brief time we shared, I learned what a wonderful gentleman could be. He was highly intelligant, well spoken, and had a deep admiration for his parents. This usually left me thinking what an honor it would be to meet them. To have raised such a caring man. What pride they must have. I look at my time with Leif, and consider myself lucky that our paths crossed. I find myself mourning lost potential. Yet happy to have known him. Im sure we will all miss him, such a profound and passionate man.

  3. My first memory of Alex (I’ve always called him Alex) had to be when he was living on Moro Street in Manhattan KS.

    He was in the room at the top of the stairs, first door on the right. I remember walking in and seeing this person who reminded me of some character from the movie “The Highlander”. Very long dark hair, a trench coat, and swords all over his room, his guy had to be the coolest person on earth.

    In the years that followed our families really only saw one another at family dinners and holidays. I remember Alex, Peter, and Jerri always running the table with conversations that were way over my head at the time. History was always a hot topic.

    A debate about the accuracy of the most current movie out at the time was a big one too, didn’t matter if it was fictional or factual. Our family sure does have the gift to gab.

    I remember that at these family dinners Alex always had something new to show, his new car, phone, or miscellaneous gadget that he had just picked up on the way over. He took me for a ride in his new Mazda one night and in the five minutes or so it took to go a few blocks I had learned all there was to know about a rotary style engine.

    It always amazed me how much he knew. I’m sure he would have gone far in life and he will be missed.


  4. My very first memory of Alex has to be when he lived in Chicago near to Lake Michigan. My memories are very vague, but I recall how into music he was, with his drum set and guitars. I even remember watching music videos on mtv with he and my brothers... 'Born in the USA' I believe.

    I think I remember him best from Moro street when he was preparing to step into a fantasy novel with his homemade chain mail, swords and handmade (doe skin?) boots. I also remember *really* wanting his car. Everything about him was impressive to me.

    Most impressive was always how intelligent he was. I don't honestly know how he could remember all of that history! Or how he always seemed to be extremely informed on the 'hot topics' of the day; from politics to literature to technology.

    I will certainly miss witnessing those holiday family dinner conversations when he and Peter really got eachother riled up.

    The lives of those he knew and loved will be lesser for his loss, but are greater for having known him at all.

    We'll miss you, Alex.

  5. oh i love this picture!! i remember when he got the RX-8. he drove over so we could go disney park hopping and when we were leaving epcot, he did a couple of 360's. it was great LOL. i miss the heated leather seats.