Monday, May 26, 2008

Leif - Infantry Machine Gunner - Uzbekistan 1998

Leif was a machine gunner in the infantry, and he was outstanding at it. He received several awards as the best in his units, earned sharpshooter badges, and loved that gun. This photo was taken in a tent in Uzbekistan, when his unit from the Tenth Mountain Division, was there for UN exercises in the fall of 1998. It was actually taken in a tent and there were other guys from his unit in the background. I took them out with PhotoShop because I don't know who they were and can't ask their permission to post their photos on the blog.

Leif had a strong bond with his assistant gunner, James Mayo. They lost contact after they both got out of the service, and Leif tried to find Jim online but never succeeded.

When Leif was carrying his entire infantry pack and the gun, the weight was about the same as his body weight.

Leif was also a certified armorer. He loved guns and knew more about them than anyone I ever met.

It's the wee hours of the morning on Monday, May 26th, Memorial Day, the day we honor those who died for their country. Leif was not killed in a war, or die from combat wounds, but he served his country well and was disabled by his service. We will visit the cemetery later today and see the marker stone set in his niche for the first time. Later I'll post a photo of that.

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  1. Hey Buddy. Happy Memorial Day. I am thinking of you today. they will be playing Taps at all of the veteran cemetarys all over the country. even at bay pines where you rest now. Listen for it my love for they are doing it in memorial for you and your fallen soldier brothers. I miss you so damn bad i cant even think. you should be at a barbque eating and having a beer not gone from this world. you should be riding your motorcycle in st pete. BOB is out and it is a beautiful day. good day to ride as you say. but i know you are in a place where there is a great deal of beautiful women and you have a beautiful FAST bike and its always a good day to ride. there is always the best cold belgian or micro brew beer and its free. your car is the fastest and your music the loudest. you are free. So ride today for me. and i will think of you. I wear your dog tags today for you. My Soldier my love my friend. in memory of you. I love you. ill see you again just not yet.
    Hugs Buddy
    Love Donna