Thursday, May 29, 2008

Leif - The Joy of Crawling - 7 months old - August 1975

Our family loves cameras. All of us have them and take loads of pictures. We'd probably be shocked if we found out just how many we actually have. But unless you take a lot of them and have your camera ready most of the time, you probably don't get shots like this. I loved photographing my boys and tried hard to document their childhoods.

Among all the photos, some stand out and I remember them with particular fondness, and this shot is one of them. Leif was seven months old and was pretty fast on his knees. This is taken of him in the doorway of the upstairs bathroom of our hundred-year-old stone house in Kansas (since demolished), and he has managed to crumple up the rug and was enjoying the "action" with the bathroom scales. What a bright smile!

His whole life, happiness was often involved in exploring new "gadgets."

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  1. he was a beautiful baby! A beautiful man too