Saturday, May 17, 2008

Leif's First Visit to Tampa - The White Mustang

Our first visit to Tampa was in March 2002, during Spring Break. Leif was in college at Kansas State University at that time, and we took him with us to explore Florida and where we might like to live.

Leif was so happy to escape the gray skies and cold weather in Kansas, and he rented a white Mustang convertible for a day to drive around without us (nice to be a young man in a hot car without parents along). He and his father were anxious to move to Florida and gave me many talks about how we should do it as soon as possible, but we didn't make it until the spring of 2005 for Leif. March 2005, three years later he was here, but only lasted another three years before his death.

We remember how thrilled he was at the city, the views, the sunshine, the beaches, and how he thought the Sunshine Skyway Bridge was "awesome."

How we wish he had been able to keep that joy and find the new life we had hoped for, and that we had hoped for for him.

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