Sunday, October 12, 2008

Leif & Nikko - First Anniversary Party - October 20, 1996

Although Leif and Nikko had hoped to have a formal wedding celebration sometime following their elopement vows in front of the Riley County judge, it never happened. They never really announced their marriage in the year that followed, or were given wedding gifts, so I decided to give them a first anniversary party, send out formal announcements of their marriage, and invite friends and family to a party at our house to celebrate.

We had a house full of happy people bringing gifts, enjoying wedding cake and toasting the bride and groom. There were nice gifts and funny gifts, like a pair of plaid boxer shorts for Leif (sleepwear).

Leif and Nikko were now each 21 years old, affectionate, playful and so cute together.

We were glad to be able to really acknowledge their marriage at last.

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