Monday, October 13, 2008

Leif & Nikko - Second Anniversary - October 1997

For Leif and Nikko's second anniversary, we took them out to dinner on October 22, 1997, a couple of days after the actual anniversary. We went to a Thai restaurant in Manhattan, Kansas, and had a great time. It was too dark to get good pictures in there, and this one was lightened considerably with PhotoShop, which is why it's so odd looking. The detail and color just weren't there.

The amusement is over the odd anniversary gift . . . a box of cereal. That wasn't the only anniversary gift we gave them, but it was something for fun. As I recall, Leif had said that cereal was too expensive and he didn't like to pay for it, or couldn't, something like that, so I bought a box of his favorite kind both to be nice and kind of as a joke.

At this time, Leif was still attending Kansas State University and working. Nikko was working, too, but they were still struggling financially. We knew what that was like, because Peter W. and I were married for three years while we were both in school.

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