Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Leif & Nikko - Japanese Restaurant - Columbus, Georgia - April 1998

When we were in Georgia for Leif's graduation from Infantry Basic, he was allowed some off-base time and we took Leif and Nikko out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant. They looked like a couple of lovebirds, and the Japanese steakhouse chef make a big heart with the fried rice on the grill in front of them.

When Leif finally got through with training and came back to Kansas in May 1998, he and Nikko were happy to be together again, but they faced the grueling task of getting their belongings ready to move and then driving all the way to upstate New York in a short period of time with two vehicles and their cats.

We were sorry to see them leave Manhattan, but had high hopes that the army would be good for them. It was certainly to bring monumental changes in their lives.

Leif was 23 years old, and this photo clearly shows how his hairline was receding fast. Only four years before, he had luxurious long, long hair, and just a couple of years before this, he still had a good head of hair. You can see the future coming, when he would decide to shave his head.

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