Sunday, December 27, 2009

Helping Daddy - Manhattan, Kansas - July 1976

I think this is such a cute photo. How small Leif looks! He was a year-and-a-half old. They were loading or unloading the car and they had also been washing it. That was our old blue 1973 Pinto station wagon. We sold our Mustang V-8 when we left Germany that summer and ordered the Pinto to be delivered in the USA when we arrived. We were used to the power of the Mustang and just about killed ourselves going through an intersection when we needed some quick power and didn't have it with the four cylinder Pinto. By the time Leif was born we were well adjusted to the anemic motor. Leif loved to go outdoors and washing the car was lots of fun.

Over the years, the little boy grew older and there were many times he helped his dad, whether it was ripping the staples out of the upstairs floor in the old stone house, digging holes for fence posts, disassembling the Schrank and putting it back together again, or hanging paintings on the high walls of our Florida house. By that time, instead of being the little tiny guy, he was towering over his dad.

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