Friday, December 11, 2009

Jerri and Leif - Manhattan, Kansas - November 1975 - Age 10 months

My sister Sherie came to visit us in Manhattan, Kansas in November 1975 and took this photo of us out in our backyard, behind our old stone house. The weather was still pretty warm even in November that year, or I wouldn't have had Leif out there barefooted! That was one of the periods when I had shorter hair . . . like Leif, I guess, who hadn't yet grown his full head of hair. He was ten months old then. I was so happy to have my two boys!


  1. I knew Leif as Alex in 2003 when I made friends with him through the SCA. As guys do, we drifted apart after I moved away, so I just learned of this sadness. I considered Alex a true friend, and wish I had stayed in better touch. I had no clue he was sad, and maybe at the time he was not. I was one of the first people to ride in his Dodge. I remember the little knob on the wheel for rapid steering adjustment and I remember how much he loved playing Playstation games till 3 am and how we threw a party in his basement one night and went around passing out flyers we printed up to people at fast food places to get people to come, then we stocked up with liquor from the base, hung some lights, and played music until early.
    I have some pictures from 2003 that either have Leif in them or were taken by him, if there is someone who would like copies.
    I know it is late, but my sympathies for your loss.
    I wish I had looked him up sooner.

  2. Daniel, thank you for remembering Leif (Alex) and being his friend. He loved SCA. I think I may have a few photos Leif took of that party. I always love seeing photos of him I never saw before, and would treasure any you could give me. Leif fought depression a couple of periods in his life, and both had a lot to do with a broken heart, health problems, and debt. I'm sorry you had to find out about his death this way. - Jerri Garretson (Alex's mom)