Monday, December 7, 2009

Leif Playing Volleyball in Puerto Rico - Fort Buchanan - April 19, 1991 - Age 16

As I mentioned in my addition to yesterday's post, though I don't remember Leif playing football, I do remember him playing volleyball a few times, most notably this time in our back yard in Puerto Rico. He looks like a young Tarzan (that's him from the back in the rolled-up jeans), doesn't he? In the group photo, you can see the ball at the top middle of the picture.

If my memory is correct, this photo was taken when he and some of his buddies decided to throw a birthday party for his friend Lennie T. There was a great group of friends that came and they had a terrific time. In addition to the volleyball, they also had a silly string and shaving cream fight, and I think the object of the latter was to get Lenny as full of shaving cream as possible.

I think that the two years Leif was in high school in Puerto Rico were when he was the most outgoing and social in his whole life, after the first rough month he had there. I know it was when he felt most accepted and had the largest group of friends.

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