Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Sign or a Coincidence

Life is full of strange coincidences. Sometimes we just recognize them as such, and sometimes, we make connections that might or might not really be there.

I've already posted this photo of the ring that Peter Anthony designed and had made for me in Thailand, the one with the birthstones for him and for Leif, and the three diamonds for my grandchildren.

Yesterday morning after I washed my hands, I was drying them and both that ring and Leif's wedding ring that I wear literally flew off my hand and fell to the bathroom floor. They were loose, but they had never come off before. I found them on the floor and put them back on and thought no more of it until I was having lunch with my sister at a nice restaurant and happened to look at my hand. Then I saw that Leif's birthstone was missing.

I feared I would never find it, and though I could have it replaced, of course I wanted the one that was originally in the ring. However, I had a feeling that it must have fallen out of the ring when the rings came off my finger in the bathroom, and hoped it would find it there.

When I got back, I started sweeping the bathroom floor with my hand to see if I could find the tiny stone. To my amazement, I did.

Coincidence? Probably. But if you believe in supernatural signs, maybe Leif was telling me he's here.

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