Thursday, June 4, 2009

Leif & Dartboard - Sachsen bei Ansbach - October 1979 - Age 4 and a half

I was amused to find this picture of Leif with our old dartboard, way back in October 1979. I think this is the back side of the very same dartboard he was using as a soldier at Fort Drum. I posted a photo of him with it on March 18 this year. (Find it in the subject list under "darts."

This is yet another instance of Leif's remarkable consistency of interests throughout his life. He had this same dartboard on his closet door during his senior year of high school when we lived in the old stone house. That door suffered mightily and had numerous little holes in it from darts that didn't land on the target. I have a feeling that either these weren't thrown by Leif or he was experimenting with throwing the darts into wood because he was far better at darts than to just miss the board. The same door suffered many little round dents from air pistol pellets. We were not pleased.

Darts fell into the category of sharp projectiles that could be aimed and "fired" at a target. He was good at just about anything that had to be aimed and propelled at a target, whether projectiles like darts and bullets or pool balls hit with a cue stick. I don't have any photos of Leif paying pool, but he enjoyed it a great deal and purchased his own fancy (and expensive) pool cue. I don't know where else he played, but I know he played some at the Kansas State University student union (where I even played with him once, getting roundly defeated) and at Fast Eddy's in Aggieville.

The dartboard in this photo had a good long run. I don't remember when we got it, but it was still among Leif's possessions when he died, so it was around for probably at least 30 years.

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