Saturday, June 6, 2009

Leif Playing T-Ball - Camp Zama, Japan - May-June 1982 - Age 7

Leif was a very active child. From the time he was very small he went on hikes with us, climbed trees and every kind of playground equipment, rode a tricycle an then a bike. His first "organized" sport was t-ball which he played for one spring at Camp Zama, Japan, when he was seven years old. Baseball of any kind never caught his fancy and if my memory is correct, although he was good at connecting with the ball and sending it flying, he had no interest in signing up for it again. I think it just wasn't active enough for him. Too much sitting in the dugout waiting. Too much standing around on the field waiting.

These photos show him in action and in the dugout watching the action. He was the tallest boy on his team, as usual, and probably the strongest as well.

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