Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Leif's CyberPunk Gun & Bullet Drawings -1998

Here are three pages of gun and bullet drawings Leif made, probably in 1998, for his CyberPunk games. They are thoroughly labeled.

The top, single gun is a "Mark V."

The page of smaller drawings includes from top to bottom, the "Hand of God" rifle, the "Sledge Hammer .410x4" handgun, the "Annihilator .500 Ultra" handgun, the "Buzz Saw .22 mag caseless," the "Meat Grinder 10mm caseless," and the "Shredder 10mm caseless."

The page of bullets includes caliber designations for each bullet and some have additional names.

Leif was deeply interested in weaponry and weapon design just about all of his life, particularly beginning in the second half of elementary school. Like any subject that interested him, he went about making himself an expert on it and could discourse for hours about it. That interest translated later into his training as an armorer for the army infantry, to working on weapons design for gaming (as in CyberPunk and ZAON), owning guns, and in the case of ZAON, constructing wooden models of the guns he was designing. He must have drawn them before he cut them out and shaped them, but I never found those drawings.

It is a terribly sad irony that in the end, he turned his prized new handgun on himself. He was the only person he ever shot.

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