Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Leif's CyberPunk Space Ship Drawings - Group 3

The top drawing has the most complete labeling of the nine space ship drawings in this series. It is the "S.S. Sorchalynn Fulcrum Class Corvette" commanded by "Captain Cailus Brietei. It is 90 meters long, 65 meters wide, 20 meters high and the cargo capacity is specified. It carries a crew of 30 and has 2 ion cannons, 2 laser cannons, 6 double laser cannons, 6 medium laser cannons, 1 tractor beam projector, and 2 proton torpedo launcher.

The middle and bottom ships are of a very different design than any of his other ones, following a curved motif. The middle one is the "S.S. Soriano, a Tomahawk Class Destroyer," and the bottom one is a "Barbier Class Scout," showing side and back views as well as the view looking down on the top of it.

Last night we saw the new Star Trek movie. We all (Peter Anthony and Darren were with us) commented on how Leif would have enjoyed it, wished we had his opinion of it, and I was also thinking about how his space ships corresponded to those we saw in the movie.

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