Friday, April 9, 2010

"Speaking of Grief" - Article by Jenna Baddeley in "Psychology Today"

Speaking of Grief, an article about how to share one's grief and how to respond to someone doing that, and how expressions of grief are painful for the listener.

I realize now that although I started this blog with the idea of "remembering the good times," it quickly turned into a means for me to express my love and grief without having to do so one-on-one with another person who might want to listen or be able to handle it without discomfort, and it evades embarrassment on both sides. Only those who want to read the blog will do so, and they can quit or avoid it at any time.

Peter has talked to me about the ending of it, and although he says I should make my own decision, he says he looks forward to looking for new posts. I've wanted and needed to do them, too. I wonder where our journey will take us. I do know that we are far better off emotionally than we were a year ago, but our lives are still affected by Leif's death, and in some sense, they always will be, for our future has forever changed and we will always miss him.

Yet we find pleasure in many things and although I feel sadness, especially on days like today, the anniversary of that terrible event, we have much to look forward to and much to share.

I have learned to listen to others' expressions of grief. I know what they feel. I can listen and not turn away.

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