Sunday, June 22, 2008

Leif - Caribbean Cruise from San Juan 1992

In January we planned a trip to Alaska, another one of those travels we promised ourselves in retirement. Little did we know when we paid for it that we would be going a couple of months after Leif's death.

We hoped that we were ready to get away and try to find some happiness in life again. And we did . . . but only sometimes. How I wished I could share the experiences with Leif, show him the beauty, talk with him, text message him, find him waiting to pick us up at the airport.

Instead, I had to keep remembering his death.

I marveled at the glaciers, the mountains, the lakes, the beauty of Alaska, and enjoyed the entertainment on the ship, but it was all so bittersweet. I kept remembering the two cruises we took Leif on, both in the Caribbean, and how much he loved them.

I kept wishing he were going to be here when I got home.

The photo above was taken when Leif was a junior in high school in Puerto Rico and we took a cruise in the Caribbean on Carnival. We had a great time. He loved it.

We had wanted to take him on another cruise, and it wasn't long before he died that I asked him whether he had any vacation time and whether he had a valid passport. He said no to both. How I wish we had taken him on another cruise!

It was hard for me to come home to see the places where he lived, slept, sat, played chess with our granddaughter, to see his things.

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