Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ZAON - Tellan Garretson Recon Scout Ship

For 6 years, Leif was deeply involved in and committed to working with the ZAON team on the development of the game. ZAON offered Leif the mental challenge he needed and a great deal of emotional outlet and support from the ZAON forum members. He was interested in every aspect of the game, and at one point, was so deeply involved in weapons design that he drew designs for a series of weapons, cut the out of wood, and experimented with their usability in size, weight and design. These photos show one he took of himself with one of those wooden guns and another of one of the handguns he made.

When he died, ZAON forum members discussed his death and their feelings about it, and because they could not come to the memorial services, held their own vigil online.

Justin Winters, ZAON Creative Director, memorialized Leif in a space ship design incorporating Leif's ideas, the Tellan Garretson Recon Scout Ship. Leif would have loved this ship and knowing it was named for him. How I wish he could see it! It's a beautiful design, and I thank Justin for providing such a fitting remembrance of our son. He sent us the complete deck plans, and we will treasure them.

You can see the plans online, and there are both a free download and a large, high resolution version for purchase. I hope you'll take a look at it, because Justin has done such a terrific design, and because it incorporates so much of what Leif loved and worked on.

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Link to the ZAON store

Discussion Forum about the Tellan Garretson Recon Scout Ship

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