Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Leif - First Christmas Eve With Dad and Peter A.

Look at my three guys. Aren't they a handsome family? Movie-star handsome Daddy, with his strong arms around his two boys. We have so many photos with Peter's arms surrounding his family with love, his two boys, me. All three of us basked in that circle of love.

Leif was a month shy of his first birthday. Peter Anthony, who was my Christmas Present Baby - that's right, BORN on Christmas Day, was six years old.

The Sankt Nikolaus (Saint Nicholas) doll they are holding was one we bought at the Christkindlmarkt (the Christ Child's Market) in Nurnberg, Germany. It's handmade, with a soft sculpture face. Unfortunately, over the years the foam in it has deteriorated and the face is now flattened and darkened with age, but it has been with us every Christmas since about 1971, I think.

Sankt Nikolaus carries a bundle of sticks. In some parts of Germany, naughty children are given sticks, and when we lived there, there were still a few villages where he appeared with his helper and they actually read off a list of children's names and whether they had been good or bad . . . though I don't know whether they really read any bad ones. :)

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