Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Leif - Computer builder

Today's kids probably can't remember a time without computers, but Leif was about 6 years old when we first got one, and both he and his brother, Peter, were captivated. We had a blast playing games like Frogger, Snack Attack, and PacMan. I'm sure the space shooter games reinforced his interest in science fiction and space, and as those kinds of games became more sophisticated, he avidly played them. He also loved car racing games.

At some point after he came back from the army in 2001, he decided to build his own computer. Leif could do just about anything he put his mind to as long as he had the finances to get the parts. He built this computer for gaming, and of course, he had to maximize the cool factor with a snazzy case and neon lighting.

After he built this one, he had a series of other computers, which he traded, sold, and in some cases, even gave away, and a couple of which were stolen, but not one of the mass produced models looked like the individual cool blue neon model he built so long ago.

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