Thursday, July 24, 2008

Leif & His Dad in Puerto Rico 1991

While Leif was a sophomore and junior in high school, there were several clothing fads in which he avidly participated. One was ragged jeans. If one didn't have a ragged pair, teens helped them along by cutting slashes in them (and in their t-shirts, too). The jeans and pants (weight-lifter pants were popular in wild patterns) had narrower pantlegs at the ankle. The guys would roll them up, showing off part of their hairy calves. They would also shove their socks down. Although it was a rather silly set of fads, Leif actually looked good in them.

He went for the HyperColor shirts and sweatshirts, items that were tie-dyed something like in the 1970s but with a dye that changed color in the sun.

And oh, yes, combat boots! Those were "in," too. Seven years later he was wearing combat boots for real during his years in the army.

All this went along with his cool guy persona, but in his later years, he wasn't any longer the faddish or snappy dresser.

This photo was taken at a coffee plantation in Puerto Rico, where we had gone on a day trip.

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