Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Leif With Blue Hair - Junior High

Here's a version of Leif I'll bet few of you have seen or would have thought of. I wish I remember why he did this. It was never a "look" he wore for any time at all, just something he did for some occasion at school, some "special day" when they dressed up for some reason. It certainly made him look different!

By this time he was tall, and hadn't yet started wearing his hair long, but he always liked kind of unusual, stylish clothes. However, these were a bit far out even for him.

He is posing in our living room where we lived at Fort Sheridan, Illinois. I think he was about 13 when it was taken, and was attending Northwood Junior High School.

It's another example of his sense of humor and fun, and how he liked to surprise people.

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