Sunday, July 6, 2008

Leif - With Dad in the Backpack

This is one of my all-time favorite photos of Leif and his dad. It was taken in the woods near where we lived in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Woodlake Drive. We spent many happy hours hiking in those woods, and brought home a 3 legged box turtle that Leif's brother, Peter Anthony, found. The turtle spent the winter with us, munching on lettuce and having the run of the house.

While there, we also had Slithers, the ring-necked snake and Mousey, a small white mouse, and "raised" frogs from tadpoles we brought from the pond back of our house. It was a good year.

Leif loved to go exploring in the woods and by the pond. I no longer remember what caused this wonderful expression of surprise or excitement, but I've loved the photo for over 30 years.

It was taken in October 1976, when Leif wasn't yet 2 years old, about 21 months.

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