Thursday, July 10, 2008

Leif - His First Bicycle in Japan - April 1982

This is Leif in April 1982 with the bicycle that you saw in the typhoon photo. We bought it used in Japan and it was quite the "decorated" piece. Leif tore around on that bike like a little demon. He loved riding it. Here he is with his school backpack. He rode around with his friends, too, not only on the sidewalks and the traffic-less street in front of our house, but the small wooded area, where they rode as if they had dirt bikes.

Leif's mountain bike is hanging in my garage, with no rider. I don't know how recently he rode it, because once he had a motorcycle, with much more speed, he definitely preferred that. His cycle is also in my garage, riderless. I miss him, miss seeing him even on the cycle where I worried so much about him.

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