Thursday, May 21, 2009

Leif's CyberPunk Drawings of People - 1998 - Age 23

Leif loved playing CyberPunk. It was like living inside a movie or novel he was creating with his friends. He spent hours preparing for games, loved being a game master and thinking up wild scenarios. He was totally engrossed and could not only spend many hours preparing and playing, he loved to talk about the games. He talked to me about them and tried to get me to play. I probably would have enjoyed it but I had no time for such pursuits. I was working overtime and couldn't keep up with everything.

Here are two more of the drawings he made of characters in the game. You can see the same four-armed giant. On the second one he has put height markers on the left. The big guy is eight feet tall. The top drawing I found a little hard to "get" at first, until I realized that he had used some of that talent he showed in kindergarten. The middle man's hand holding a gun is thrust straight out at the viewer and you are looking at the end of the gun barrel.

In the games Leif played, he liked to develop both male and female characters and would play one or the other, perhaps both, in any particular game.

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