Thursday, May 21, 2009

Leif's CyberPunk Drawings of People - 1998 - Age 23

The musclebound male character in the top drawing is rather like an superhero (and four-armed) version of Leif, carrying a keg of Corona Extra beer (he labeled it, but I don't know if you can read it with the drawing reduced to this size) and a boom box labeled Mr. Sony Mega Bass. Of course he's wearing cool sunglasses and a chain and has an earring, which Leif did also when he was making these drawings. I think he did them in 1998 when he had hair, so it's a bit ironic that he drew this colossus (the 8-foot tall one) bald, as he would be when he started to shave his receding hair off. The woman also has a lot of his "ideal woman" characteristics, super slim and big busted. Looks like they were heading for the beach.

GIven that Leif so rarely drew anything living, and we have so few of his drawings of people, it seems that he still had quite a talent for drawing. I think if he had really pursued it, he could have become quite good. However, like many of Leif's talents, it wasn't one he had the "fire in the belly" to pursue. He was much more interested in the gaming, and the drawings were primarily to get his concepts across.

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