Saturday, May 23, 2009

Leif's CyberPunk Drawings of People - 1998 - Age 23

This is the only adult drawing of Leif's I ever found that was in color. This one was done lightly in colored pencil and obviously illustrates a scene in a story or some part of the game play story. I wish I knew what that story was. Two men appear to be out on a long, deserted highway in a desert with mountains in the background. There is what looks like a downed motorcycle and one man is standing over another who he is holding up by the collar of his jacket as though he is limp. The limp man has blood trickling down from the left side of his head. The standing man has a gun in his hand but it isn't pointed at anything. I don't know whether the standing man is supposed to have shot the man he is holding up or whether the man had an accident on his cycle. I think a gunshot is more likely. There is a yellowish brown smudge on top of the cycle. At the top of the drawing Leif has written "Kaine #1." He liked shooter games and his CyberPunk games featured plots with plenty of action and violence.

Leif clearly understood one point perspective and a pretty good sense of human proportions and anatomy. I wish he had done more drawings of people, but these are all I have.

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