Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Further Thought

But how could Leif have ever thought it would be understandable or acceptable to his family and friends, his decision to take his own life? He had resisted his desire to do it once before, because he said he knew what it would do to me. Why didn't he think about that this time? Why didn't he think about how he felt, how he felt like he had died when he lost the women he loved? The pain he felt. He left that to me.

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  1. I can't remember how I came upon your post but I'm glad I did. Looking at Leif's pictures of when he was young reminds me so much of my son-- he was born in '73. He isn't tall like Leif. But pictures of Leif when he was a baby and young boy remind me so much of when my son was that age! I haven't read all of your blogs but I've read enough and looked at enough pictures to know Leif had a very loving family and a very adventurous childhood. My son just went through a divorce last year and he has no children. I worry about him and I appreciate the things you put on your blog about depression and what to look for before it gets out of control and I plan on talking to my son about these things. So I thank you. Thankyou for sharing your son's life and thankyou for posting information that can help prevent a tragedy in another's life. Also, I have a good friend who lost her 24 year old son 3 years ago and I plan on telling her about your blog (although he did not commit suicide). I think your blog with help her because you are so open and honest with your feelings. Thanks again. May God mend your broken heart. Tish