Friday, October 30, 2009

Leif - Sachsen bei Ansbach - Volksmarch - August 5, 1978 - Age 3 and a half

I've written several times about the Volksmarches (hikes) we went on in Germany and now I've found a photo of Leif on the Volksmarch organized by the village where we lived, Sachsen bei Ansbach. It meandered through the farmland and woods beginning about a mile and a half from our house at Am Romer 9.

Looking at this photo I have to marvel at how small Leif looks. Although he was always tall for his age, he was still a very little boy and we got so used to thinking of him as a tall man that these photos are almost startling. He looks so tender and vulnerable, so little.

The day of this Volksmarch it was really hot, hence the lack of a shirt on the boy. The rest of us had to keep ours on.

It's hard to believe that over 31 years have passed since this, our first Sachsen Volksmarch, shortly after we moved to the village.

Can you tell that the tree at left is an apple tree? We had apple trees in our yard there, too.

Tonight I am able to scan photos and look at them with a smile and lots of love, without the sadness and tears I often have. I can remember this day with fondness and delight. How fortunate I was to have it.

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