Friday, October 2, 2009

Leif and His Gargoyles - Greenbelt MD - June 1990

On that same trip to the Virginia-Washington DC area when we visited my sister, Lannay, Leif had a good time playing with his younger cousin, Jacquie, who was five-and-a-half years old then. He was great with little kids and had been popular with the neighborhood kids at Fort Sheridan, where we had just lived, as "Big Al."

The lower photo shows Leif with his first pair of expensive sunglasses, an item that was to become a "trademark item" with him. These were Gargoyles, which I think he was introduced to by an Arnold Schwartzenegger movie. He spent a mint on them, something we certainly didn't understand.

Later, when he decided that Oakleys were more stylish and "cool" he gave the Gargoyles to either his dad or his brother.

These photos were taken in June 1990 when Leif was fifteen years old.

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