Monday, October 5, 2009

Something missing in yesterday's post

Part of my post on hopes, dreams, wishes and goals was truncated and missing yesterday. There was some kind of problem with Google suddenly restricting the number of labels a blog can use and I got an error message, which apparently other Blogger users were experiencing, too, but it looked as though it had posted the whole text. However, when I looked this morning, the end was missing. I will try to reconstruct it today, so if you are an interested reader, be sure to check yesterday's post for some new "bullet points" at the end. I hope Blogger allows me to add them. Unlike wiser bloggers who compose their posts in a word processor and then copy them to their blogs, I compose right in Blogger, so if something goes wrong, it's gone. Foolish, yes.

NOTE later today: weird, now what was missing is mysteriously back without me doing anything.

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