Saturday, October 3, 2009

Leif and His Aunt Lannay - Greenbelt MD - June 1990 - Age 15

We had such a good visit with my sister Lannay and her family before heading to Puerto Rico. Lannay and Leif had always had a special relationship, and it seems amusing to me now to see him towering over her after seeing all the photos of him as a toddler snuggled up in her arms. It looks like he could just pick her up and walk off with her.

The playground the took his five-year-old cousin Jacquie to (see the last post) was not only fun for her, it was great for him. He was young and powerful and had enjoyed testing himself.

I wonder now how he felt about the move to Puerto Rico. In the end, it turned out to be a place he loved with friends he felt comfortable with and cared about, but at this time, we were all heading into the unknown. Leif never displayed any concern about our military moves, but I later found out from him that he did have worries about adjusting, leaving behind friends and wondering if he would make new ones, and whether he would be accepted. It would have been even harder as a high school sophomore.

Leif was fifteen when these photos were taken.

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