Thursday, December 25, 2008

Leif's 31st Christmas 2005 - Sun City Center, Florida - Almost 31 years old

After Leif's love affair in 2003 and early 2004, when he was so happy, ended, he was miserable in Manhattan and desperate to leave and get out of there. Not only was there little job opportunity for a real career, there were limited opportunities to meet unattached women near his age, and he hated the winters. We were already planning to move to Florida within a few years, and had begun taking him with us on trips to select a location, but we decided to move sooner when we found a place and house we liked, and thought it would help him to get out of Kansas and start a new life.

We moved him to Florida in March 2005, to live with his dad until I could move there permanently once I'd finished my work contract, sold our houses, and moved my mother there, too. He initially seemed to delight in his new surroundings, bought himself a new super fast Suzuki motorcycle, and got a job at Amscot. Things did not work out well for him, though, and by fall he was working at Alltel, which was better for him because he had worked for Western Wireless in Kansas, and Alltel bought them. It gave him some longevity with the company then.

And working for a cell phone company, he thought his grandmother needed a cell phone. He got her the first nice one she had. (I had gotten her a prepaid one in Kansas earlier.) She was flabbergasted. In the photo of the two of them he is showing her how it works.

The other photo of the three of us was taken by my mother. Both were on our lanai, and this was our first Christmas in Florida.

Leif was still depressed and lonely, but much more upbeat and optimistic at that time than he had been in Kansas, and hopeful that a career would work out for him. Peter W. appreciated having him living here.

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