Saturday, December 6, 2008

Leif & His Dad - December 1976 - 23 Months Old

I was looking for some photos taken at this time of the year (saving the Christmas ones for a few days) and found this sweet one of Leif kissing his daddy. I've written before that Leif wasn't a particularly affectionate child, so moments like these were doubly precious. I caught a couple of them between Peter W. and Leif, but I don't think there are any of him kissing me, partly a matter of it happening fewer times, but even more a matter of who happened to have a camera ready.

When this was taken, we were living in Charlottesville, Virginia, where Peter W. was attending the Judge Advocate General's School to get graduate degree in military law. It was a good year and we enjoyed Charlottesville, though that was the year that Leif started banging his head out of frustration when he was bored. I think I've written about that in a previous post.

Since Leif was always so big for his age, and was over six feet tall since he was in seventh grade, it's almost a shock, and very endearing, to see him so small next to his dad.

As we get ready for Christmas this year, I know it's going to be hard to be without him. Today we went to the tree lighting ceremony for our community association, put on by the German-American Club (we are members). They sing carols in German and English, and then serve Christmas cookies and Stollen (German Christmas bread). This was Peter W's fourth year to go and my third, and I didn't expect to find it difficult, but I got choked up and teary-eyed and couldn't sing several of the songs. I just kept remembering my dear, sweet little boy at our Christmases in Germany in 1977, 1978 and 1979.

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