Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Leif - Christmases 1979 & 1980 - From Germany to Japan - Ages Almost 5 & 6

Sometimes it amazes me that with all the times we have moved, I can still find all these photos . . . and then again, I find these holes where I think photos should be. I found the album for 1979 but there are very few Christmas photos in it, and I wonder where the others went. Surely we would have had more than one photo of Leif during the 1979 Christmas holidays, but there aren't more of the rest of us, either.

In 1979, we were still living in Sachsen bei Ansbach, and it seems he had come to terms a little bit better with Santa. Or maybe it's because he wasn't expected to sit on Santa's lap or give him a hug. This photo was taken at the JAG Office Christmas Party in Ansbach, but this time, someone else in the office was playing Santa. Our boys still didn't have a clue that Santa was played by anyone, much less by their own dad the previous year.

The summer of 1980, we moved from Germany to Japan, stopping in the USA in Kansas for a family reunion with Jerri's family in July 1980, then visiting Peter W.'s mother in California, and even stopping for a vacation in Hawaii on the way. It was a long, half-way-around-the-world journey in stages, quite an adventure for all of us.

The black-and-white photo of Leif and Peter Anthony shows some exuberant children. If I had time, I'd try to go back and figure out what they got for Christmas. These are some of my favorite Christmas photos because of all the hugging, with Leif actually participating. He was such a beautiful five-year-old, soon to be six!

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