Monday, December 8, 2008

Garretson Family - November 1978 - Germany

I need to find more of the Christmas photos from those three years in Germany when Leif was so young. It's amazing that as many photos as our family takes, I wish there were more, that we had taken more of certain things that we didn't think of at the time.

This photo was taken the first fall that we lived in the village of Sachsen bei Ansbach. I think there was some kind of deal with a photographer taking family portraits in Katterbach, in the American housing area, and we went and had this one taken. Leif has that same, innocent, bewildered look that he had in the photo of him and Peter Anthony as an accolyte, but that wasn't typical of him. He was a cute little rascal, full of animation, silliness, and smiles, as well as a temper and some pouting.

It's hard to believe we were ever all that young. In this photo, Peter Anthony was almost 10 and Leif was a couple months shy of his 4th birthday.

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