Monday, January 5, 2009

Leif in the Snow - December 1986 - Fort Sheridan, Illinois - Age: almost 12

After three years in the warm, balmy climate of Hawaii, the army sent us to Fort Sheridan, Illinois on the north side of Chicago. We lived near to Lake Michigan, and it was COLD. We had quite a bit of snow. Once, we had so much snow that the garage our car was in was snowed under. I remember Leif out there the next day looking like Tarzan in the snow, shoveling great huge shovels full of it and tossing it high up the hill so we could get the car out. I wish we had a photo of that. He got so hot from the exertion that he stripped to the waist and was out there in the cold snow half naked.

That was before these photos, which I think were taken in December 1986. Peter A., his friend Mike Wetzel, visiting from Hawaii, Leif, and his friend Robert made a snow fort behind our house. They had a great time doing it. After it was done, Peter A. put on shorts and a t-shirt and sprayed "Snow Aloha" on the fort with black spray paint and took photos to send to his friends in Hawaii.

I think this was one of the last times that Leif ever got to have a blast doing something with his older brother, as Peter A. graduated from Highland Park High School that spring and went off to the Air Force Academy that summer.

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