Sunday, January 4, 2009

Leif in the Snow - Isiuchi, Japan - March 1983 - Age 8

During the two years we lived in Sachsen bei Ansbach, Germany, we could enjoy the snow right outside our door, walking, sledding and skiing, but in Japan, were we moved in the summer of 1980, there was little snow in the Sagamihara area, and it was flat. We had to travel to the mountains to enjoy snow sports. Peter W. and Peter A. went skiing at the base of Mt. Fuji once. Peter W. went skiing at Zao, and in March 1983, we took a family trip to Ishiuchi, where we all had a great time.

Leif looks so bright-eyed and happy here, obviously enjoying the activity (speed, again) and slippery stuff. I think at that age he liked sledding better than skiing, which requires considerably more practice to be skillful.

He was eight years old in these photos. In the summer of 1983, just a few months later we moved to Hawaii for three years and that was the end of snow until we moved to the north side of Chicago in 1986.

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