Friday, January 2, 2009

Silly Snow People - Sachsen bei Ansbach, Germany - January 1979 - Age 4

Leif isn't in this photo, and I couldn't find one of him with these odd "snow people," but I thought it was fun to remember making them. They are in front of the house we lived in in Sachsen bei Ansbach, Germany. Instead of just making a snowman, we made a snowman with personality, a sculpted face, and a snow woman, too. We had a good time making them with the boys, but unfortunately didn't get really good photos of them. It's hard to photograph snow and get good detail.

In those days, Leif enjoyed playing in the snow.

It seems odd to be remembering times in the snow, even though it is January and cold and snowy in much of the world, because here in Florida we are wearing shorts. After Leif got cold weather asthma, he desperately wanted to live in the warm climate of Florida. It was no fun to be out in the cold any more.

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